Emails show ICE skipping reviews of some detention warrants

ICE agents immigrationCNN reports that some Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in a five-state region have been using warrants that haven’t been reviewed by authorized supervisors. The news came out after a fired ICE officer challenged his termination and presented proof that he wasn’t the only one who had been breaking the rules. CNN reviewed internal emails and other ICE documents that showed it happened a lot on evenings and weekends. Some ICE supervisors even gave officers blank pre-signed warrants. According to CNN:
Legally, the signature on a warrant attests that an authorized supervisor reviewed it and determined that there was probable cause to believe the person named was deportable. The Immigration and Naturalization Act doesn’t offer the option of letting unauthorized officers sign for supervisors.
Lawyers and advocates for migrants say this opens the door to challenging arrests that were made with the improperly signed warrants.