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A Landmark Federal Opioid Lawsuit Presents Its Closing Arguments

Three major U.S. drug distributors should be held responsible for sending a “tsunami” of prescription pain pills that caused a health crisis in one corner of West Virginia, an attorney for local governments said in closing arguments Tuesday in a … Continue reading

City Officials Say That a Black Man Shot by Police Pointed His Weapon First in a $50 Million Wrongful Death Claim

Authorities in Virginia Beach say a Black man fatally shot by police had pointed a gun at the officer who shot him. The city’s version of events appears in a court filing in response to a $50 million wrongful death … Continue reading

Senator Gillibrand Announces Support for a Federal Ban on Hair Discrimination

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand announced co-sponsorship of the Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair (CROWN) Act that would ban discrimination of hairstyles and textures. The legislation would federally ban race-based discrimination against natural and protective hairstyles associated with … Continue reading

A Philadelphia Discrimination Case Ends With a $600,000 Settlement

Amid the thunderous pounding of punch presses and other factory equipment, employees of white, Pakistani, Hispanic and Vietnamese descent stamped out and assembled HVAC equipment at the Lloyd Industries plant in Montgomeryville. Among them in late October 2015 were three … Continue reading

A Veteran Pilot Claims Gender Discrimination Following Her Dismissal

A protest was held outside the Orange County Fire Authority’s headquarters Thursday in support of a veteran woman chopper pilot, the agency’s first, who was terminated during her probationary period. “She is the best fire pilot I ever flew with,” … Continue reading

Montana Tribes Sue Over the Teachings of Native American Heritage and Culture

Montana tribes and the parents of 18 students filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging state education leaders are violating a constitutional requirement to teach about the unique culture and heritage of Native Americans. The lawsuit, filed in District Court in Great Falls, … Continue reading

Disability Rights Activists Worry That AI Recruitment Tools Will Be Discriminatory

Making recruitment technology accessible means ensuring that candidates can use the technology and that the skills it measures do not unduly exclude candidates with disabilities. Increasingly, says Alexandra Givens, CEO of the Center for Democratic Technology, an organization focused on … Continue reading

The Colorado Supreme Court Dismisses Proposal to Address Jury Discrimination

In June 2020, as people across the United States and in communities like Denver and Aurora were protesting the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, the Colorado Supreme Court sent a letter to judges and court employees pledging its continued … Continue reading

An Ex-Employee With Down Syndrome Will Receive $125 Million From Walmart

A former Walmart employee with Down syndrome has been awarded $125 million in a discrimination lawsuit which determined her dismissal violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. Marlo Spaeth, of Wisconsin, worked at a Walmart store in Manitowoc for about 16 years before she … Continue reading

A Lawyer Alleges That Human Trafficking Contributed to a Teen’s Death on a Construction Site

A Nashville judge ruled that evidence of human trafficking would be allowed in the case of a 16-year-old who died in a construction-related accident in downtown Nashville last year.  Gustavo Ramirez had been working on a scaffold without a harness … Continue reading