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Workplace Age Discrimination Could Become Even Harder to Prove in Court

Age discrimination remains one of the greatest vulnerabilities that American workers face. A 2018 AARP study of adults age 45 and older found that more than 60% said they had seen age discrimination in their workplace or experienced it themselves. While most incidents … Continue reading

Immigrant Detainees Stage Hunger Strike Over Insufficient Precautions for COVID-19

Advocates say as many as 180 immigrants held by federal authorities in York County Prison are refusing to eat in protest of what they say are insufficient precautions around the coronavirus pandemic. “We are chickens in a chicken coop here — … Continue reading

Second Circuit Clarifies Standard for Gender-Based Pay Disparity Claims

Equal pay for equal work is the refrain long associated with the laudable goal of ensuring that female employees’ salaries are on an equal footing with those of male employees, all else being equal. At the federal level, employees seeking to … Continue reading

The Supreme Court Just Made It Easier to Get Away With Discrimination

The Supreme Court decided to eviscerate a key civil rights protection. It created a new and tougher standard that will make it harder for people to sue over racial discrimination in employment and other contract negotiations. The decision was not … Continue reading

UPS Facing Multiple Lawsuits Over Employee Wages

UPS Supply Chain Solutions employees filed a class action lawsuit claiming the company failed to pay overtime wages, failed to pay minimum wages, failed to provide required meal breaks and rest periods and other violations of the California labor law. This … Continue reading

Cisco to Pay A $5M Settlement Over Job Discrimination Dispute

Cisco has agreed to pay some $2 million in “lost wages and interest” and another $2.75 million to address “pay-equity adjustments” to settle a federal job discrimination case dating back to August 2011. The $2 million will go to “affected … Continue reading

Social Security Offices Closing Due to Coronavirus

The Social Security Administration has more than 1,200 offices that serve thousands of beneficiaries every day. The Social Security Administration operates a vast network of more than 1,200 offices around the country that help thousands of Americans every day with … Continue reading

Coronavirus Dangers in Immigration Courts Causes Outrage

President Donald Trump’s increasingly urgent campaign to attack the coronavirus outbreak is having a notably meager impact in the immigration courts, where dramatic moves could undercut his signature policy of getting tough on undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers. As state … Continue reading

Foresight Energy is Latest U.S. Coal Miner in Bankruptcy

Foresight Energy announced Tuesday that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will hand over ownership of the company and its subsidiaries to its creditors.  Foresight operates Mach Mine in northeast Williamson County near Corinth. It also operates the … Continue reading

Lawsuits Costing Millions After Abuse of Missouri Prison Staff

When Ana Barrios was a corrections officer at a Kansas City prison, she was spit on, told to kill herself and called degrading names.  Not by the prisoners — but by the other guards.  Barrios was 22 when she started … Continue reading