Despite history, special needs children still sent to controversial Texas facility

special needsThe Shiloh Treatment Center near Manvel, Texas has a history of deaths and abuse of special needs children placed in its care, but at least seven school districts in the Lone Star state have continued sending students there, according to an investigation by Reveal. At least four children have died while at the facility, while even more were allegedly injured or sexually abused. In July, a federal judge ordered Shiloh to stop injecting immigrant children in its care with powerful psychiatric drugs without their consent. However, attorneys say the practice is still happening. Read more about why Texas children are still being sent to this controversial facility at Reveal. 

Podcast: Diary of a part-time special ed lawyer

Being a lawyer can sometimes seem like an all-consuming obsession, but for those with responsibilities outside the law office, working part-time can help solve some of those struggles. In this podcast from the Legal Talk Network, Caitlin Peterson talks to attorney Melissa Waugh, who specializes in the legal needs of disabled children with a focus on special education. Waugh talks about how being an adoptive mother of two children with special needs helps her empathize with her clients, along with the advantages of focusing on a niche area of the law.