Shannon Burnett

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I have always wanted to be a lawyer. No ifs, ands, or buts. Helping people understand the intricacies of family law as it affects their finances, businesses, and family is important to me.

I graduated early from high school and became a school teacher in Medellin, Colombia in South American before I decided to go to college. I then graduated from the University of Kentucky with honors. I have worked internationally for a large software corporation. I later graduated from the University of South Carolina, School of Law.

I began my career as a lawyer for the same software corporation headquartered in the midlands of South Carolina. As a member of the international team of lawyers, I was an in house transactional attorney for what was then Policy Management Services Corporation (now Computer Science Corporation). After a total of eight years working for them, I decided to open my own practice that focused on Family Law.

Our practice offers an alternative to traditional litigation called Collaborative Law, which is a team approach to resolution that resolves disputes with dignity and respect. In addition, I am a board member for the SC Collaborative Law Institute and am the managing member of the Columbia Collaborative Law Center. I am an active member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). I have Collaborative Training certification through the Collaborative Law Training Associates. I have been trained to train other collaborative professionals through the IACP. I am a founding member and leader of the Columbia Network for Collaborative Professionals. I have taken many classes and seminars specific to children’s issues in family court, including sexual abuse and trauma. I have a background in dealing with corporate and self-owned business issues in divorce. I understand the need to protect the assets that support the family and the implications of the divisions of the assets and the publication of the financials.

But there’s more to me than a love of the law.

I am an accomplished equestrian and competitive dressage judge for South Carolina. I have first-hand experience in the complicated process of blending families and households but now happily reside on a farm with my awesome husband, enjoying my goddaughter, my step-children and a bevy of animals, a few of whom work in the office with me most days.

I am a firm believer that I can help my clients navigate very difficult and emotional phases of life. I am currently writing a book with colleague and marital counselor Samer Touma, Ph D, which will help those struggling with divorce.

Most of all, I want you to know I am on your side. My goal for my clients is to help them transition from the pain of dispute to a fuller; more enriching next chapter in their life.