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Dating Site that Distributed Personal Profiles Hit with $16.5M Verdict

Dating Site that Distributed Personal Profiles Hit with $16.5M Verdict

A Santa Clara County, CA, jury issued a verdict of $16.5 million against an online dating website service for disseminating registered members’ private information to thousands of websites through a database containing their profile information. According to the complaint, provides … Continue reading

EEOC Citing More Employers for Retaliation


An increasing focus of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is addressing retaliation claims, which involve allegations that an employer has treated an individual in a punitive manner based on: The employee’s filing of a discrimination charge. Complaining to an employer or … Continue reading

Donald Trump Charged with Racketeering in “University” Scheme

Trump created Trump University to defraud students out of millions, according to two class-action lawsuits.

Two class action racketeering lawsuits and a lawsuit by the New York Attorney General have been filed against Donald Trump for swindling student-victims out of upwards of $35,000 each through their enrollment in his fictitious institution, Trump University. The supreme … Continue reading

FTC Stops Pinnacle Payment Services Abusive Debt Operation

The Federal Trade Commission has halted the abusive debt collection practices of an operation that used fictitious names and threatened consumers into paying debts they may not have owed. Under settlements with the FTC and a default judgment by the … Continue reading

What to Do if You Think Your Credit Card Data was Hacked

credit card fraud hack

  Home Depot confirmed in September 2014 that there has been a breach of its payment data systems. According to the company, the breach could affect any customer who has used their card for payment at a Home Depot in … Continue reading

Collecting Child Support or Maintenance from an Out-of-state Ex

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To enforce an out-of-state order for spousal maintenance, alimony, support or child support, you need to know about The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). Parties often need a legally recognized forum to collect either child support or spousal maintenance … Continue reading

What to Expect During Divorce

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This article is reproduced from the Pines Laurent, LLP website. For more information on what to expect during your divorce, or to discuss filing for divorce with expert Los Angeles divorce lawyers, contact Pines Laurent, LLP today. If you are considering filing … Continue reading

Warrant is Required to Search Information on a Cell Phone, Even Incident to Arrest

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that police officers must generally secure a warrant before searching through the contents of a cell phone of a person they arrest.[1] This decision will have important implications for telecommunications providers, possibly by … Continue reading

Do You Know these Facts About Estate Planning?

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  This article was originally published on Historically, a “will” was used to distribute of real estate after one’s death and a “testament” was used to dispose of personal property. Today those instructions are combined into a single document, called a … Continue reading

Welcome to The National Advocates

The National Advocates

Welcome to The National Advocates!  We are enthusiastic and appreciative of your decision to join us in building what we believe will be the premier legal association of its kind.  We encourage you to take advantage of the benefits that … Continue reading