Podcast: How millennials and the gig economy affect workers’ comp

workers compNext year, the number of millennials in the US is expected to be greater than the number of Baby Boomers. The following year, the number of Americans working for themselves is supposed to triple, with millennials making up 42% of them. How will these trends affect the workers’ comp landscape? The Legal Talk Network’s podcast Workers Comp Matters takes a look as guest host Judson Pierce talks with attorney Ryan Benharris about the gig economy, millenials vs. boomers, and how working at home affects workers comp.

Podcast: Disability management in Workers Compensation

workers compNurse case managers may be viewed with some suspicion by workers comp claimants and their attorneys, but they can often be a valuable part of a legal team. In this episode of Workers Comp Matters from the Legal Talk Network, host Alan Pierce talks to Justin Beck about his paper, “Nursing The Wound: The Law and Ethics of Disability Management in Workers Compensation.” They discuss the role of nurse case managers and the ways they promote synergy between insurance carriers, healthcare providers, and patients involved in a workers comp claim.

Podcast: Controversy over AMA Guides

workers compThe sixth edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment is causing some to question its reliability. The guide is used in workers’ compensation cases to rate the level of impairment. In this edition of Workers Comp Matters from the Legal Talk Network, host Alan Pierce talks to Chris Brigham, MD about whether the AMA Guides is a valid way to measure disability ratings.

Podcast: The attorney’s role in workers’ comp

workers compEmployees who file workers’ compensation claims for the first time are often bewildered by the process, the paperwork, and how to deal with it while recovering from an on-the-job accident. Fortunately, workers’ comp attorneys are there to help them navigate the process. In this edition of Workers’ Comp Matters from the Legal Talk Network, host Alan Pierce talks to Arizona workers’ comp attorney Robert Wisniewski about why people sometimes need legal help when filing claims.

Using workers comp to deport undocumented immigrants

how the US immigration system worksInsurance companies are using a Florida law to deport undocumented immigrants who are injured on the job, according to a report by ProPublica and National Public Radio. The law, passed in 2003, made it a crime to file a workers compensation claim using false identification such as a Social Security number. In fact, the Florida law allows undocumented immigrants to be charged with workers comp fraud even if they’ve never filed a claim. Read more about how the Florida law is being used to deport undocumented workers in this report at ProPublica.