Sanctuary cities helping immigrants outwit ICE

immigrationShortly after taking office, President Trump signed an executive order threatening to stop federal funding to towns and cities who don’t help the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) round up undocumented immigrants. In response, many mayors of these “sanctuary cities” across the nation vowed to continue or increase assistance to immigrants while refusing to cooperate with ICE agents. The Marshall Project takes a look at how some of these municipalities are taking up the fight on behalf of immigrants in this story.

Human Rights advocates ask Congress to reject Trump’s budget

President Donald Trump The human rights organization Human Rights First is calling upon members of Congress to reject President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, saying that it unfairly targets refugees and asylum seekers. “President Trump’s budget proposals send a dangerous message that refugees are not welcome in the United States and will not be supported,” said Human Rights First’s Jennifer Quigley. Read more about the organization’s efforts at its website.

Trump to issue new immigration rules

President Donald Trump President Trump plans to sign an executive order to make it more difficult for tech companies to hire foreign workers and strengthen rules barring foreign contractors from bidding on government contracts, according to administration sources. Trump is expected to order the Departments of Labor, Justice, State and Homeland Security to crack down on fraud and abuse in guest worker programs by issuing new immigration rules. Details available in this story from the Washington Post.

The endless limbo of life between ICE check-ins

What is life like for undocumented immigrants under the Trump administration? It’s a life of uncertainty, spent living in limbo. Katie McDonough at Fusion has the story of Ravi Ragbir, who’s been in the US since 1991. Find out what his life has been like in this story.

Trump casts immigrants as dangerous criminals, but evidence shows otherwise

As President Trump continues to label immigrants as dangerous to garner more support for his immigration policy, critics, including civil rights advocates and immigration lawyers, say the administration is distorting the threat. Two reports released in March show that immigrants, including those who live here illegally, actually commit crimes at lower rates than native-born Americans. David Nakamura has details in this story from the Washington Post.