Texas sued by cities over immigration law

TexasFollowing the passage of Texas SB4, which challenged sanctuary cities in the Lone Star state, a growing number of municipalities are suing the state, claiming the new law is unconstitutional and a threat to public safety. Texas law enforcement officers believe they shouldn’t be compelled to enforce federal immigration law, which SB4 requires. USA Today has more on the state of Texas being sued by its own cities.

The unintended consequences of Texas’ crackdown on sanctuary cities

Texas A new Texas law penalizes law enforcement personnel who don’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Immigrant rights activists are concerned that Texas law enforcement officers will not only engage in racial profiling, but may also place a higher priority on immigration violations than other, more serious crimes. Is Texas Senate Bill 4 having unintended consequences for police, deputies and other law enforcement officers? Priscilla Alvarez takes a look in this story at The Atlantic.