Podcast: What’s in a law firm name?

Legal ToolkitChoosing a name for your law firm isn’t necessarily a simple process. However, what that name denotes can have a tremendous impact on your level of success. The name doesn’t have to be boring, but lawyers don’t always feel compelled to be particularly creative when deciding upon the firm’s name. In this episode of Legal Toolkit at Legal Talk Network, host Jared Correia talks to attorneys Andrew Garcia and Megan Zavieh about why it’s important to put some thought into the name of your firm.

Make your marketing ready for mobile searches

mobile social media When a potential new client searches for an attorney, where are they more likely to be — in front of a computer, or using a smartphone? According to the latest research, about 60% of Google searches now come from a mobile device. But are most people searching for legal services on their phones? Jason Bland of Custom Legal Marketing takes a look in this story at Forbes.