Podcast: Proposed changes to the ADA Education and Reform Act

CongressThe House of Representatives has passed HR 620, also known as the ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017. Critics say the changes would restrict the rights of disabled Americans with the goal of limiting “frivolous” lawsuits. In this podcast from the Legal Talk Network, RinglerRadio hosts Larry Cohen and Peter Early talk to Robyn Powell, an attorney, writer and scholar whose work focuses on disability law and policy. They discuss the controversial changes to the ADA, and how they could affect disabled Americans.

Why repealing the estate tax is a bad idea

CongressThe Republican tax reform plans in Congress could reduce or end the estate tax. The House proposal would eliminate the tax, while the Senate version would reduce it. According to The Atlantic, the estate tax will only bring in about $20 billion this year. While that adds up to about one-half of one percent of the total amount of revenue that goes to the US Treasury, it has a lot more to do with symbolism. Derek Thompson explains why in this article at The Atlantic.