Podcast: “The Infiltrators” vs. ICE

immigrant child in custodyA new film called The Infiltrators tells the story of two activists from the National Immigrant Youth Alliance who went undercover to infiltrate an Immigration and Customs Authority facility in Florida. The undocumented activists pretended to be newly-arrived in the country who spoke little English. In this Politics and More podcast from The New Yorker, Dorothy Wickenden has more on the new quasi-documentary and how it affected one of the two protagonists.

Using workers comp to deport undocumented immigrants

how the US immigration system worksInsurance companies are using a Florida law to deport undocumented immigrants who are injured on the job, according to a report by ProPublica and National Public Radio. The law, passed in 2003, made it a crime to file a workers compensation claim using false identification such as a Social Security number. In fact, the Florida law allows undocumented immigrants to be charged with workers comp fraud even if they’ve never filed a claim. Read more about how the Florida law is being used to deport undocumented workers in this report at ProPublica.

Will a new Florida law make divorces less difficult?

A new Florida law called The Collaborative Law Process Act went into effect on July 1, and is designed to make the process of getting a divorce shorter, kinder and gentler. The goal is to make the divorce process more collaborative, and less combative. More on the new law and how it works is available in this story at Legal Scoops.