More states considering shared custody

divorceThe tradition of a father getting once or twice-a-month weekends with his children following divorce may be changing. The Washington Post reports that more are agreeing to collaborative parenting in their divorce. Legislatures in 20 states will consider bills to encourage shared parenting or make it a legal presumption, even when parents can’t agree. It follows years of lobbying by fathers’ rights advocates who say divorced fathers feel estranged from their children and overburdened by child support payments. Read more about the trend in this story at The Washington Post.

How tax reform could affect the alimony deduction

CongressA House-sponsored tax reform measure making its way through Congress proposes to end the tax deduction for alimony. That would eliminate a tax break for the ex-spouse who pays alimony, and the tax hit for the ex who receives it, according to CNBC. Divorce lawyers may want to rush through any pending cases before the end of the year because of the uncertainty surrounding the proposal, according to one divorce attorney who said his phone started ringing as soon as news about ending the deduction made the news. Read more about how family attorneys are reacting to the possibility in this story at CNBC.

Not all assets are equal in a divorce

divorceDivorce can take a terrible toll on those who choose to end a marriage. But making financial missteps during the process can make matters even worse in the long run. Depending on how intertwined your finances are, you may want to hire a financial advisor as well as a family law attorney to help guide you through the process of unwinding your marital assets. CNBC has a list of five financial mistakes you’ll want to avoid if you’re going through a financially-complicated divorce.

8 signs you should skip mediation and hire a divorce attorney

divorceAfter a marriage draws to an end, the divorcing couple must begin the trying work of untangling their legal, financial and child custody lives. While some believe the process will go well enough to consider mediation, the rest must hire family law attorneys. How does a couple know if mediation is right for them? Lifehacker has a list of eight signs divorcing couples should look for if they suspect that mediation won’t work for them.

You can crowdfund your divorce — but should you?

Crowdfunding to raise money through websites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter are fairly commonplace. However, a new crowdfunding website not only helps raise money for honeymoons, but also for divorces. allows newlyweds to ask for donations to help pay for honeymoon expenses. And if it doesn’t work out, couples breaking up can also seek crowdfunding for their divorces. Plumfund says “it’s simple” to create a divorce fund to seek support for legal fees, household items and living expenses. Is it a good idea to turn to crowdfunding to pay for divorce? CNBC takes a look in this story.

How to divorce-proof your business

divorceBusiness owners who get divorces sometimes put their businesses in jeopardy. It’s possible to save the business in a high-stakes divorce if you take steps early. One common issue is that many business owners often start their marriages with little income or savings. Jacob Maslow looks at four ways to protect your business in a divorce in this article at Legal Scoops.

Will a new Florida law make divorces less difficult?

A new Florida law called The Collaborative Law Process Act went into effect on July 1, and is designed to make the process of getting a divorce shorter, kinder and gentler. The goal is to make the divorce process more collaborative, and less combative. More on the new law and how it works is available in this story at Legal Scoops.

Is it time to consider no-fault divorce?

Should a married couple get divorced if neither person is really to blame for the failure of the marriage? Typically, one spouse (if not both) blames the other for a divorce. But does there need to be a legal reason to blame someone for a marriage’s dissolution? Legal Scoops takes a look at the issue in this story.