Quentin Ballot-Lena

Matrimonial and Family Law
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Quentin Ballot-Lena served as an Assistant State Attorney in Broward County. During his time as an Assistant State Attorney, Quentin Ballot-Lena prosecuted hundreds of cases as lead counsel. These cases ranged from simple misdemeanors to some of the most serious felonies in both juvenile and adult proceedings. Many of these cases involved highly technical scientific evidentiary issues, such as DNA evidence, and expert witnesses. His additional criminal law experience comes from two prestigious internships at the Arlington County Public Defender’s Office and the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office in Virginia.

Quentin Ballot-Lena earned his Juris Doctor from the selective George Mason University School of Law in Virginia known for its focus on law and economics. As a result his legal education focused on many issues related to bankruptcy, corporations, business entities, and economically efficient case results. In addition, due to George Mason University’s proximity to Washington D.C., many of Quentin Ballot-Lena’s professors were some of the nation’s leading scholars and legal theorists.

Quentin Ballot-Lena is fully fluent in French.