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How Michael Mack Almost Did The Unthinkable? And What This Means To You

A life buried in tension, struggle, worry, and frustration because of tax debt and other debt is hardly a life at all. I speak from experience.

At age 37, I was at the end of my rope financially, emotionally and spiritually. I had experienced a seemingly endless and painful string of disastrous business deals which had brought me to the brink of bankruptcy? and even worse? I'd finally had enough.

Enter the suicide pact?
It happened after an all-too-familiar "bail-out" maxing out my American Express Card and draining a bank line of credit to pay only a fraction of what I owed the State and IRS. I was using debt to pay other debt, and heading straight for utter financial disaster.

To make matters worse, I failed to file the previous year's tax returns and my house was in foreclosure. No one except me knew how bad it was. I was deeply ashamed. And I was so scared for my family?

Which led to the dark vow I made on Thursday, January 22, 1998?
I was walking around with a gaping hole in my heart? a profound emptiness because I had lost hope. I decided that if by May 1st I did not find a way to turn my financial life around I was going to end it. Period. I even had it marked on my calendar. I knew how I was going to do it. I knew where I was going to do it. I had it all carefully planned.

Again, this is really painful to admit to you. But you need to know how far down the rabbit hole I went. I was desperate for answers and all I got were more questions. I felt at the time that I could not keep going.

And just so you know: I deeply value life. I grew up in a God fearing household, so when I think back to that time in my life, and the thought of violence of any kind, including to myself, it is beyond gut-wrenching. I just felt as if there was no other way out, and my family would be better off without me.

The good news?
I never had to carry out that dark vow because I was introduced to a professional who helped me change the course of my life. In fact, you could say he saved my life. He became my mentor, and he is the reason I'm writing to you today. Strange how life works, huh? Before I met this "savior"? I had so many false beliefs about credit, debt and money? wow. Today I am blessed with a life radically different from the one that brought me to the brink of doing something truly unthinkable.

Yet really, the true miracle of this story is about you. My own recovery from spiritual, emotional, and financial bankruptcy has given me the opportunity to help thousands of others also recover. Now I use many of the same proven strategies, which transformed my life, to transform the lives of Wisconsin people also suffering from tax debt and other debt.

Are you in a financial ?rabbit hole' too?
Perhaps your situation is not as critical as mine was, or perhaps it's worse. Either way you're not alone. Every day I talk with people overwhelmed with tax debt and other debt. These folks desire solutions and peace of mind. Often they are not sure who to trust. I get it, I've been there.

So it is absolutely vital that you get help from a professional who won't let you down - who truly understands the pain a tax problem causes - financially and emotionally!

This is where I come in. As a tax lawyer and consumer advocate, I have a 18 year proven track record of getting results for my clients, like eliminating tax liens, income taxes and levies.

Just some of the things I have done for my clients?

RESOLVE TAX LIENS. There is a little known method to delete the tax lien from credit reports and property records. Many of my clients qualify.
ELIMINATE INCOME TAX DEBT. Many of my clients are eligible for one of two alternative programs where nothing is paid back to the IRS and State.
WIPE OUT BUSINESS TAX DEBT. If you own a business, then the IRS has put a target on your back. And once they zero in on you, they won't back off until you take aggressive action.
ELIMINATE OTHER DEBT. As a law firm, we resolve other kinds of debts, not just tax debt, like credit card debt. And we solve mortgage problems too.

I'll get started free - I care about my clients
If we decide to take on your tax case as a client: [1] We don't require any upfront fee. Before you pay one dime in fees, we immediately relieve the pressure by filing a "Power of Attorney" with the IRS; [2] And we will arrange an affordable fee payment plan between our law firm and client.

Now, please call me direct at (414) 771 9200. Let's discuss free of charge how you may resolve your tax debt and other debt once and for all!

God bless,

Michael G. Mack, Tax Attorney