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Contracted immigration detention centers ignoring serious offenses

immigrant child in custody

Contractors running immigrant detention centers aren’t reporting some serious violations such as sexual assaults, and federal immigration officials aren’t watching what they do closely enough, according to an inspector general’s report released by the Department of Homeland Security. HuffPost reports that … Continue reading

5 divorce mistakes that can cost you

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Unless you’ve been through a divorce before, going through the divorce process can be a bewildering move into the unknown. Mistakes may be inevitable, but some mistakes can cost you more than others, says financial planner Liz Weston. She tells … Continue reading

Podcast: Wall, slats, barrier at the border

Mexico map

President Trump took his campaign for a wall to the US-Mexico border this week, hoping to drum up support for a $5.7 billion barrier while some federal workers struggle to survive without pay because of the government shutdown. Earlier, the … Continue reading

How Trump’s national security threat to build wall would face legal challenges

President Donald Trump

President Trump says he’s considering inflating what he claims is a crisis into a national emergency so he can find a way to build a wall at the US-Mexico border that Congress has so far refused to fund. The federal … Continue reading

Estate debate: mothers, stepfathers and dead heirs

A complicated estate case has one heir wondering whether he should file a petition to be named executor of his stepfather’s will after his mother left everything to the stepfather following her death. The Moneyist at Marketwatch has advice for … Continue reading

Bankruptcy filings drop to 10-year low

Both consumer and corporate bankruptcy filings are at their lowest point in 10 years, according to a new report by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. The number of new filings has been cut by more than half since 2010, … Continue reading

Video: Why disability rights are central to social justice work


The Ford Foundation just produced this video that shows how disability inclusion has changed their work and improved their impact. You can read more about the Ford Foundation’s policy about including disabled people in their work here. Noorain Khan with the Ford … Continue reading

Video: Fact-checking Trump’s latest border claims

President Donald Trump

President Trump continues to keep parts of the federal government shut down over his demands for $5 billion in funding for his proposed wall along the Mexican border. CNN’s Dana Bash and Abby Phillip fact check Trump’s latest claims about … Continue reading

Video: A visitor’s guide to the border wall

Mexico map

While President Trump and Congress continue to wrestle over the $5 billion the administration wants to build a wall along the Mexican border, filmmaker David Freid noticed something was missing: no one was talking to the people who actually live … Continue reading

Appeals court to decide if immigrant children get court-appointed attorneys

immigrant child in custody

Eleven federal appeals court judges have heard testimony in a lawsuit over whether undocumented children have the right to a government-paid lawyer. Lawyers for an immigrant minor who was unrepresented in immigration hearings argue that the Fifth Amendment guarantees the … Continue reading