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Can You Hold Parents Liable for Not Vaccinating their Kids?

By Alex Fuller  | Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C. Penny McCrathy of Dallas, an outspoken anti-vaccination advocate, took her unvaccinated children to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Not knowing that her children had been exposed to measles by a foreign tourist, Penny brought them … Continue reading

The National Advocates Wants to Know Your Latest Accomplishments

The National Advocates

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote our members’ successes and recognize those who have excelled in their professional areas of expertise, The National Advocates encourages our members to send us news releases or other information that you would … Continue reading

Fraud and Racketeering Charges in Superstorm Sandy Litigation

The “Sandy Docket” consists of 1,800+ insurance claims based in Long Island and Brooklyn, which have been consolidated in the US Eastern District of New York. Some of the difficulties facing claimants include getting discovery of information from the insurance … Continue reading

Tell Congress Not to Weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Tell Congress Not to Weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

By Lisa Donner, Americans for Financial Reform. One of the best things to come out of the Wall Street reform law known as Dodd Frank was a new financial watchdog agency – the first-ever with a focused mandate to make the … Continue reading

Are you Driving One of the 19 Deadliest Cars?

The Nissan Versa had the most damage in this 2013 crashin Florida

According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the riskiest cars are mostly lower-priced small cars. HIGHEST RATES OF DRIVER DEATHS More than 46 driver deaths per million registered vehicle years, 2011 and equivalent earlier models, 2009-12 … Continue reading

Mitch Jackson Interview: 9 Questions to Ask Every Lawyer You Interview

Mitch Jackson Interview: 9 Questions to Ask Every Lawyer You Interview

In this interview with Larry Bodine, Editor in Chief of, attorney Mitch Jackson describes nine important questions you need to ask every lawyer you interview to represent you in a personal injury or wrongful death case. Just as important, he also covers … Continue reading

Dating Site that Distributed Personal Profiles Hit with $16.5M Verdict

Dating Site that Distributed Personal Profiles Hit with $16.5M Verdict

A Santa Clara County, CA, jury issued a verdict of $16.5 million against an online dating website service for disseminating registered members’ private information to thousands of websites through a database containing their profile information. According to the complaint, provides … Continue reading

EEOC Citing More Employers for Retaliation


An increasing focus of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is addressing retaliation claims, which involve allegations that an employer has treated an individual in a punitive manner based on: The employee’s filing of a discrimination charge. Complaining to an employer or … Continue reading

Donald Trump Charged with Racketeering in “University” Scheme

Trump created Trump University to defraud students out of millions, according to two class-action lawsuits.

Two class action racketeering lawsuits and a lawsuit by the New York Attorney General have been filed against Donald Trump for swindling student-victims out of upwards of $35,000 each through their enrollment in his fictitious institution, Trump University. The supreme … Continue reading

FTC Stops Pinnacle Payment Services Abusive Debt Operation

The Federal Trade Commission has halted the abusive debt collection practices of an operation that used fictitious names and threatened consumers into paying debts they may not have owed. Under settlements with the FTC and a default judgment by the … Continue reading