Specialty Association Memberships

Eligibility for Specialty Associations

Specialty Associations by The National Advocates cover almost every area of today’s hottest litigation, giving our members a more in-depth focus on these specific areas of law and a profitable advantage in their day-to-day practice. Each of our Specialty Associations are open for membership. The only requirements for membership are that the As a prequalification requirement for inclusion in the Top 100 and/or the Top 40, the nominee must be a trial lawyer practicing in some form of civil plaintiff or criminal defense law and must NOT currently or prospectively represent or defend an insurance company in any way. By becoming a member of any of our Specialty Associations, there is no doubt that you will enhance your litigation ability and gain valuable insight from resources that only The National Advocates can offer. We invite you to join as many of our Specialty Associations as you would like, and we hope that you will take advantage of the many benefits that come with membership therein.  

Membership Dues for Specialty Associations

Annual dues for each of our specialty associations are $150 per association. Membership dues are renewable each year the attorney would like to stay active. **Dues are eligible to increase with or without notice.  

Membership Benefits for our Specialty Associations

It is our mission to use these Specialty Associations to help our members become the strongest and the most effective litigators in the country. We also strive to provide our members with the most cutting-edge thinking on issues confronting our trial lawyers through informative CLE programs, progressive publications and innovative online resources. Furthermore, as a member of the Specialty Associations, you will be listed in our exclusive attorney directory which could potentially bring you a consistent flow of new clients searching for an attorney in a specific area of practice.  

Our Specialty Associations

Currently, we have 19 active Specialty Associations available for membership: