A Kentucky Woman Files Lawsuit Against Hospital Workers for Covering Up a Medical Error

Blog   |   March 5, 2021

Kim Johnson was nervous as she sat down at her dining room table in January 2015, clutching an unopened letter from the radiology department at Fleming County Hospital in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. Breast cancer had killed Johnson’s mother years earlier, a … Continue reading

Discrimination Lawsuit Against Amazon Claims the Company “De-Levels” Employees of Color

Blog   |   March 3, 2021

A Black woman who has worked at Amazon since 2017 is suing the online retailer and cloud services giant for racial discrimination, alleging the company purposely doesn’t promote employees of color and even pays them less than their White counterparts.  … Continue reading

A Major Texas Power Cooperation Files for Bankruptcy Citing a $1.8B Bill

Blog   |   March 1, 2021

The largest power cooperative in Texas filed for bankruptcy protection Monday, citing a massive bill from the state’s electricity grid operator following last month’s winter storm that left millions of residents without power for days. Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc. … Continue reading

Families Sue a Georgia Chicken Processing Plant After a Nitrogen Leak Left 6 People Dead

Blog   |   February 26, 2021

Victor Vellez had celebrated his 15th wedding anniversary with his wife, Verónica, in mid-January. They always looked like they were still in love, according to their niece, Marisol Raygoza. On Jan. 28, Vellez, 39, said goodbye to his wife and … Continue reading